We are Fintel Labs

Launching Fintel Cloud, the world’s first AI-powered cloud for the financial services industry.


Leverage Fintel Cloud to build a wide variety of solutions for Retail Banking, Asset Management, Capital Markets, Wealth Advisory services etc., with a goal to improve customer experience.
Conversational Intelligence

Easily build natural language-based conversational bots that understands Fintech users

NLP/ NLU Engine

Use the proprietary engine to find insights and relationships in banking communication

Machine Learning

Using recursive neural network models, learn fintech user intentions and interpret data

Sentiment Analysis

Leverage opinion mining to understand true banking user sentiment

Intentions as a Service

Words capture intentional state of mind. Capture intentionality of every user's financial behavior

Financial HealthScore

Calculate the financial health of a user and determine their true risk profile

On-demand Analytics

Provide a complete picture of your finances and deliver actionable insights

APIs and SDKs

Support for Industry-standard REST-ful APIs and a full features SDK platform

This is just the start.


Fintel Labs is built by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with the mission to revolutionize banking.

Fintel Labs brings together technologists, bankers, data scientists and security experts who have built banking, security, and enterprise products for multiple startups and multi-billion dollar organizations like Citi, Mastercard, HP, Riverbed, ArcSight, and Oracle.


If you are interested in a demo, please send us a message.